What to Expect


The First Visit

This is a very simple and easy appointment where you will meet Dr Anna Meyer and her team, and we will find out a little more about how we can help you. Detailed notes will then be made about your facial features, smile, teeth and bite.

By the end of this appointment, we will help you to understand whether any orthodontic treatment is necessary and if so, what that treatment would likely be. The optimal timing to commence treatment will also be discussed. If we believe it would be of value to further investigate whether orthodontic treatment should be considered at the time, the following records will be taken:

  • Digital photographs of the face, teeth and bite
  • Digital x-rays
  • Digital 3D scans of the mouth – this is the modern replacement of the traditional moulds that have been used in the past to make models

These records are taken so that each case can be measured and analysed to form a diagnosis for treatment planning.

Alternatively, we may determine that it isn’t quite the right time in a patient’s growth and dental maturity to start orthodontic treatment. If this is the case, the patient will be placed on a review schedule (which may be 3, 6, 9 or 12 months). These review appointments, no matter how frequent, do not incur a fee. These appointments are so that we can carefully monitor the right time to start treatment, should it be necessary.


Discussion Appointment

Following the first appointment, your records will be carefully analysed to formulate an individualised treatment plan. This will then be presented at a discussion appointment, which is scheduled approximately two weeks after the initial appointment.

Sometimes, there may be a couple of treatment options depending on the patient’s and family’s treatment goals. There are also times where the best course of action is not to treat if there are no major long-term functional or aesthetic issues.

We always take the patient’s and family’s wishes into consideration when developing the treatment plan, and will honestly discuss the benefits of treatment and whether there is a real functional issue to be dealt with or whether the main outcome of treatment would be improved aesthetics.

At this appointment, you will be given a detailed report outlining the diagnosis, treatment plan and fees. Fees are based on the severity of the case and the anticipated treatment time.

We take great pride presenting each case to our patients, and are often complimented on our clear explanation of what treatment options are available. It is very important to us that the patient and their family understand the reasons for treatment and what to expect during treatment. It is then up to the patient and their family whether they wish to proceed with treatment. If they wish to do so, follow-up appointments are made according to the type of treatment that has been recommended.


Subsequent Appointments

Depending on the type of treatment that has been recommended, the appropriate appointments can then be scheduled.

To start either braces or Invisalign treatment, a bonding appointment will be made. Once orthodontic treatment has started, patients are seen every 6-8 weeks for 10-15 minutes to make adjustments to their braces. These frequent appointments are made outside of school hours.

If early treatment has been recommended, we will explain the appointments needed to make the particular appliance and the appropriate appointment schedule to adjust this appliance.

Book Your Consultation

You are able to book your initial orthodontic consultation appointment online and choose a time and date that suits you. Please click on the button below to get started.

If you would prefer to make your appointment by phone or have any questions you would like to ask us, please call us on (09) 479 7963.