The Orthodontist

The Orthodontist - James Pretorius BChD MChD (with distinction)


James has practised on the North Shore in Auckland as a Specialist Orthodontist since 1988.  

He prides himself in delivering orthodontic care with the highest integrity, professionalism and personal touch.

Prior to 1988, he was in private practice as a dentist and then Orthodontist in South Africa and has held positions as a senior lecturer in Orthodontics at Pretoria University and in New Zealand at Otago University.


James provides Specialist Orthodontic consultations for all ages, young and old.

He has significant experience and expertise in his field.
James Pretorius
His expertise is in:
  • Correcting overjets, overbites, underbites and crossbites
  • Eliminating crowding and closing spaces
  • Correcting jaw discrepancies
  • Expanding upper and lower jaws if appropriate (thereby eliminating permanent tooth extractions in some cases)
  • Using a multidisciplinary team approach when jaw surgery is indicated.
This is accomplished with fixed appliances called "braces", or when needed, removable or functional appliances, or a combination of these appliances.

Questions to consider when choosing an orthodontist.

  • Has the orthodontist been recommended by a satisfied, happy patient or friend?
  • Did your dentist or school dental therapist refer you to the orthodontist?
  • Is the orthodontist a specialist orthodontist (a dentist who have studied an additional 2-3 years full-time at a university to become an orthodontist)?
  • Is the orthodontist registered with the NZ Association of Orthodontists?
  • For how long has the orthodontist been practicing?
  • Does the orthodontist have a caring, friendly manner?
  • Is the orthodontist readily accessible?
  • Does the orthodontist take calls promptly?
  • Does the orthodontist involve you when making decisions about your treatment?
  • Does the orthodontist take time to explain treatment options to you?
  • Does the orthodontist run on time?
  • Is there adequate parking at the clinic?
  • Is the clinic in a low traffic area?
  • Attending the clinic may involve 20-30 visits over a 2-3 year period, does the orthodontist and the staff make me feel comfortable and respect my culture
  • Does the orthodontist explain the treatment plan, payment options, number of visits, good oral health care, caring for your braces
  • Does the orthodontist make provision for repairs during holiday or leave times?
  • What are the office hours?
  • What follow-up care is there once braces have been removed?

At James Pretorius Othodontist, we will strive to make your experience and end result an exceptional one. We are committed to orthodontic excellence. We strive to create a beautiful smile for each patient. Equally important is to achieve good function as well as excellent oral health.

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